St. Louis Personal Training

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New Client Trial One Month Membership:  8 sessions, $120 or 4 sessions, $80.  

 Click here to find out more about GROUP TRAINING.

Come check out the studio and support a great cause during the CRUSH CANCER HAPPY HOUR on Friday, May 2!

Dragonfly Fitness & Training strives to be much more than just a gym or a workout.  It’s a community, a lifestyle, and a place where ladies of all fitness levels are welcome.  The studio offers professional training programs at affordable prices.  Dragonfly Fitness & Training’s mission is simple:  to help ladies feel great, be strong and be full of confidence so they can go out and make the world a better place!

PHILOSOPHY:  Build a strong foundation first.  Challenge your body and your mind.  Have fun!  Training sessions focus on proper form and ensuring that clients are training according to their abilities.  Training is delivered through a variety of safe, effective, and fun formats.

ENVIRONMENT:  Dragonfly Fitness & Training provides challenging programs in an encouraging and non-intimidating environment.  Clients will also find accountability and support in this small studio environment.

COMMITMENT:  Commitment and consistency are necessary for results. Dragonfly Fitness & Training is results-oriented and committed to each client’s success by providing a variety of training programs, accountability, nutrition coaching, and progress assessments.

Ready to make a commitment to your health?  Then please take a look at the programs offered!



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